Eating disorders began with all the wrong concepts related to food and weight loss. The belief that food hinders a person from losing weight is false. The problem occurs when the body chooses to burn only certain kinds of food. Bad eating habits such as skipping meals or overindulgence in certain food types also lead to weight gain. Compiled is a list of foods that will help you lose weight.

Apples; do not only keep the doctor away it provides vitamins and nutrients especially glucose that is needed to help fuel the body. The apple cider diet that dates way back is basically effective only in curbing a person's appetite. It does not help one shed pounds by simply ingesting it. A nice juicy apple is still the best option as it provides the necessary nutrients and does not pack the pounds.

People say that Mexican cuisines are foods that will help you lose weight. The consumption of spicy food also is effective in helping a person shed some extra weight off. The reason behind this is that the spice given off by this kind of food causes a faster metabolism. Notice how when one eats hot spicy food, your blood seems to pulsate faster, blood is pumped at a faster speed thus dispersing oxygen and in turn, burning up calories you go.

Eat your proteins! Proteins help develop a strong body and lean muscles. It also keeps our memory sharp. Protein-rich foods like peanuts, chicken, beef and raw vegetables are healthy and delicious. It is definitely the kind of foods that will help you lose weight. The secret in protein is that it is a rich food and it has a way of filling one up immediately hence curbing your appetite.

Fruits rich in vitamin c such as oranges and grapefruit are equally effective in helping a person lose weight. Grapefruit is both sour and bitter; the taste immediately makes a person lose appetite while providing your dose of vitamins.

Asians especially the Chinese and the Japanese are fond of drinking green tea, the reason behind this other than culture is that green tea aids in digestion and speeds up a person's metabolism

Regarding what you shouldn't be eating, a quick way to lose 5lbs easily is to limit the carbohydrate intake. This tricks your body into burning up its reserves because your body is in immediate need of fuel. Types of foods that help you lose weight coupled with a good fitness program are always the best tandem in order to lose weight.